Whether you’re going for a short visit to a neighboring nation or a long, relaxing vacation to somewhere a bit farther and more exotic, there are a few simple things to remember, especially if it’s your first time leaving the country! From seemingly obvious things as passports and visas to more complex stuff like a VAT refund (which can be made easy and understandable with the help of 1stopvat.com), here are some things that every traveler should remember before leaving the country.


Double check your travel documents


Passports, visas and ID cards are essential when it comes to traveling anywhere, more so when you want to leave the country. They are also easily forgotten or misplaced if you’re not paying enough attention or are in a big rush. So double check, even triple check if you have these documents on you before leaving the house.


Get refunds when possible


If you’re planning on doing extensive shopping when abroad, remember that most countries offer a VAT refund, but beware, not all items offer tax refunds. If you’re not sure that an item is eligible for a refund, you can always consult 1stopvat.com, which offers advice on all things concerning VAT.


Research the destination and pack accordingly


Going somewhere up north? Keep yourself warm and pack winter gear. Going someplace south? Check the weather reports and bring light clothing (and don’t forget sunscreen). Planning on doing lots and lots of walking? Pack some comfortable footwear, your feet will thank you, and just in case, plan the possible travelling routes while you’re still at home to make your holiday even more efficient.


You’re ready to go


Remember your traveling documents, the possible tax refunds and appropriate apparel and you’re good to travel anywhere. Just don’t forget to double check all your items.

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