Travelling to another country is an exciting experience that most people can’t get enough of. Of course, it requires a lot of preparation and patience just to get to your destination but coming back home can also be quite nerve wracking. At the end of their journey, most people are quite tired and just want to safely return to their home countries. Because of this though, they can forget to do some important things when they do, and one of these are registering for a VAT return, as “1stopVAT” notes. Here’s what everyone should do.


Get a health check-up


It doesn’t matter if you’re travelling to Europe, Asia, Africa, or the Americas, getting a medical examination is strongly advised after travelling. This is especially important for those people that:


  • Have spent a considerable amount of time in a developing country;


  • Have been ill while travelling. Particularly if they experienced persistent diarrhea, fever, jaundice, vomiting, skin disease or urinary disorders;


  • Suffer from chronic illnesses, such as chronic respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease or diabetes mellitus.


Travelers should give details of their journey and what they did during it to the medical personnel.


Register for VAT


1stopVAT” notes that applying for a VAT return is another important step, especially for those that have purchased goods while they were in another country. Value added tax is added to products when you buy them, but some special shops offer them free of VAT. When you register for VAT, you get some of the money back.




Even a few days of travel can be hard on the body when you’re time zone hopping, you might even get sick right after the trip. Take a day off, re-hydrate and get some proper sleep. It will help you to properly recover and be ready for work.


Getting proper rest, a medical examination and registering for a VAT return are essential things to do, “1stopVAT” notes. These will ensure that you’re good both financially and health-wise.

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