CSGO Lounge stopped providing its services but it didn’t stop users from betting and gambling. A lot of other sites were providing the same services and, when CSGO Lounge was OUT, it was their chance to shine.


Today we have a long list of sites which offers you CSGO gambling. Most well known are csgofast, gg.bet, drakelounge and others.


One thing that you should do before using any site is to make sure is it legit. To do that, find some information in the internet (if a site is legit, there will be articles, videos and so one).


For example – drakelounge. How should you know that it is ok? Well, it is listed between other well known sites on the internet (as csgo lounge alternative, drakelounge listed). In search results you will find some articles, youtube videos (drakelounge video) and, of course, forum discussions. However, you shouldn’t take as a total true forum discussions. These forum discussions will most likely be at competitors websites and they will try to show that the site which you are interested in is not so good as theirs. And, of course, a lot of trolls just live at these forums and are waiting for their opportunity to troll around.


If someone was trying to protect players from betting – it didn’t work. Now there are many sites to choose from and you can even choose the way you place your bet – with money or with skins.


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